Born in Montana and raised in the United States, Mexico and Paris, Cari specializes in narrative-style photos with an intimate feel and uses a mix of digital and video cameras. Primarily self taught, Cari has been photographing since she was eight years old and has worked as both a documentary photographer and cinematographer in Los Angeles & New York. Cari loves helping clients find their vision for online images/profiles/videos which defines their professional branding. Clients include yoga teachers, families, Nous Decor decorators, fashion & jewelry designers, actors, realtors, & So Cal Edison. 

Cari has a gift for helping adults, babies and kids relax with the camera while capturing their essence....And of course having fun is all a part of the process! Greatest photographer inspirations are Emmet Gowen, Robert Frank, Man Ray, Cartier Bresson, Sebastiao Salgado, and Gary Winogrand. 

Celebrity photographs include Salma Hayek, Shaq, Udo Keir & Madonna, John Cleese and David Bowie.

        " I am a documentary style photographer who loves capturing unique moments with adults and kids in a spontaneous way-"

                                 "Connecting with my subject in a fun and intimate way is what drives me in my photography-"